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Jonathan Gibson Part Two

Misc Notes

Jonathan Gibson married Elizabeth Thornton Conway.

William Thornton, late of Gloucester Co., but not of  Stafford Co., Power of Attorney to Jonathan Gibson of Richmond Co., to acknowledge D. of G. to his 4 children,  1708

Jonathan Gibson established Gibsons Tobacco Warehouse on the Rappahannock on the dower land of his wife, Elizabeth Thornton Conway Gibson; it was located immediately opposite Port Royal in Caroline County across and on the south bank of the Rappahannock River.

Jonathan Gibson -Bishop Gibson and Governor Gooch

161-2. Jonathan Gibson to George Gibson, Apr. 27, 1731. He has refused a post under the tobacco law, as duties and penalties are too heavy, but he hopes that a word from the bishop will prompt the governor to favour him in other ways. Refers to an uncle, Matthew Gibson. Letter is brought by (Rodham) Kenner, curate of the parish, who is returning for priest's orders.

175-6. Francis Peart to George Gibson, Apr. 15, 1732. He is settled in a parish (St. Stephen's, Northumberland County) largely, he thinks, due to Gibson's good offices with the bishop. He introduces John Boyd, who has been practising medicine in Virginia, but, unwilling to charge the exorbitant fees exacted by most practitioners, has decided to enter the ministry. Regrets to hear of death of Lady Cromwell. Jonathan Gibson is well, and so are 'the old gentlewoman' and her family.

177. Jonathan Gibson to (George Gibson?), Caroline County, May 4, 1732. Asks him to secure the bishop's intercession with Governor Gooch to give him the next vacancy as naval officer or clerk of the county court. Encloses letters to uncles Matthew and George.

207-8. William Gooch to Bishop Gibson, June 20, 1734. Apologizes for not having found a post for Jonathan Gibson. Offered him the post of tobacco inspector, but he declined, though he obtained it for a friend. Only naval-officer post available would have required him to move from his plantation. He will give him a clerk's place when one is convenient to his residence.

215-16. Governor William Gooch to Bishop Gibson, Jan. 14, 1734(5). Grateful to the bishop for accepting his excuse for not doing something for Jonathan Gibson.

251-2. Governor William Gooch to Bishop Gibson, Mar. 3, 1736/7. Introduces --- Read, who is going home for priest's orders. Governor has not yet been able to find a post that will suit Jonathan Gibson.

293-4. Jonathan Gibson to Bishop Gibson, May 9, 1741. He has finally obtained a lucrative post, that of clerk to the County of Orange, but he credits it to John Carter, the Secretary, not to Governor Gooch.

The Fulham Papers comprise the archive of the bishops of London transferred from Fulham Palace, the former residence of the bishops of London. 

William Gibson - Nicholas Catlett

Wm. Gibson's will (Old Rappahannock Wills, #2, p.68), dated May 14, 1676, was probated Feb 7, 1677/8. In this he mentions his wife, Mary, his daughter, Elizabeth, to whom he devised land bought of Nicholas Catlett."

"On March 18, 1722/3, he (Thomas Powell) and his wife, Mary (Essex Co. Deed Book 17, p.159), conveyed to John Jeter one moiety of a tract of land granted to Richard West and Roger Clothworthy and by said Roger conveyed to Nicholas Catlett and by him sold to Wm. Gibson. John kept the property only a few years and his deed of sale, besides reciting the above facts, adds that Wm. Gibson devised the land to his daughter, Elizabeth Gibson, who was the mother of Mary Powell (ibid. D.B. 19, p.190), the wife of Thomas,(Jr).

19 January 1669 Will of Thomas Powell, Januray 19, 1669." [1670, New Style] "Sons: Rawleigh (not 18) and Thomas Powell, cousin John Gibson." Page 517: Lancaster County, Virginia, Wills, 1653-1800, by Lee: Will of "Rawley" Powell: February 6, 1686. Father-in-law, John Kerby, Executor. Sister, Ann Dacres. Brothers Thomas Kerby, Nathaniel Horton. God-daughter, Ann Mason. Page 428: Lancaster County, Virginia, Wills, 1653-1800, by Lee:

March 9, 1669/70,  John Gibson together with Nathaniel Browne was appointed as overseers in the probate of the will of Thomas Powell, Sr., deceased. The son of Thomas Powell was in command of theadministration under English Law. (Lancaster Co. Deeds p. 90 -9 March 1669/70)

George Gibson 

Jonathan Gibson the First left a will named son Jonathan and daughters -- 1729    Jonathan Gibson the Second left a will named son Jonathan.  Who is George Gibson of Carolina County?

12 Oct 1750 Caroline Co., VA Order Book 1746-1754 Part Three 1750-1752: The Court appoints Jeremiah Pearce guardian to Margt. Gibson orphan of Geo. Gibson, who with Wm. Plunkett  his security acknowledged bond. [

8 Aug 1751  Caroline Co., VA Order Book 1746-1754 Part Three 1750-1752: William Gibson makes choice of Andrew Knight to be his guardian

24 Oct 1751 Amelia Co., Va. Deeds 4, p177: George Gibson, Robert Hall & Jeremiah Pierce, Executors of the will of George Gibson, dec'd., all of Caroline County, Virginia, to William Jeter of Caroline County for 60/5/6, 404 acres on the north, or lower, side of Mallory's Creek

These are the siblings of Jonathan Gibson, sons of Richard Gibson

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