Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Valentine Gibson - His DNA & His Descendants

 I have posted lenghty research on Valentine Gibson and his descendants. Whose DNA matches whose, and whose doesn't match Valentine so this will be short.  I will post the links to the other two blogs with information on Valentine and some DNA results that show matches from James Gibson who married Sarah Roark and the Revolutionary Soldier, John Gibson who died in Cumberland County, Kentucky.

First Table shows the number of matches at ancestry.com that have Ezekiel Gibson, husband of Rachel Terry of Floyd County, Kentucky as the son of VALENTINE GIBSON.

EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR trees have the wrong father for Ezekiel who died in 1826, Floyd County, Kentucky.  How would one ever correct this?

And now with DNA to confuse the issue we have people testing from Ezekiel'ls line, Y DNA as well as Autosomal, claiming Valentine as an ancestor.  Where does that leave us descendants of Valentine?  In limbo I guess.

This is the pedigree sheet of Kit # 190097  -  His cousin is Kit # 190036
This line is documented back to Arthur Addison Gibson to Garret Gibson and to James Gibson and Sarah Roark.

This 2nd Pedigree sheet is Kit # 319527 - This line is documented back from William Hogard Gibson to Jesse Douglas Gibson to Ezekiel A., son of Jesse and Margaret Monk. Jesse is the son of the Revolutionary Soldier John Gibson.  These Gibsons lived in Cumberland and Clinton County, Kentucky.

Lastly is the Pedigree chart of George Cecil Gibson born 1893 in Morgan County, Kentucky documented descendant of William K Gibson. 
He is Kit # GX-2   --- These Kit numbers are from the GIBSON DNA PROJECT at this link  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/gibson/results

Here are two links that I have posted documents to back up this information. 

If you descend from one of these families or from Ezekiel Gibson of Floyd County I hope that you will take this DNA into consideration and read the two links, you will find it is quite clear that Ezekiel Gibson of Floyd Co., Kentucky is not the son of Valentine.

I should also point out that all Autosomal testing to date has shown no matches between the above families and those of Ezekiel Gibson and his Y DNA matches.

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