Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hall of Shame -2

This Hall of Shame is for the 670 people who have family trees at with Valentine Gibson as the father of Ezekiel Gibson who died in Floyd County, Kentucky.

I have two blog pages dedicated to this misinformation.  I have probably written to half of the people who have this misinformation and still they do not change it.

I write and ask people; "What source do you have for this" -- Either I get no response or they tell me they copied it from someone elses's tree.

Does no one care if their trees are correct?  Do they not care enough to respond with told they have a crooked limb on their tree.

I have posted this everywhere I know to post it, long discussions on forums do noting, the trees just keep multiplying like dandelions.

It has now made it's way into DNA Projects.  At the Gibson project it shows FOUR men who have paper trails to Valentine Gibson, all their DNA does not match but  still there are two entries for Valentine Gibson in the project with different DNA.

This is a typical tree from for Ezekiel showing father as Valentine.

Note above Ezekiel died in 1828, we know he died because his wife was remarried by  1828.  And here we find Ezekiel, son of Valentine, on the 1830 census in Scott Co., Virginia.

Ezekiel, not the son of Valentine, above is found in the Floyd County, Kentucky Census, the same time  Valentine's real son Ezekiel is still living in Stokes County, North Carolina on the land of Valentine Gibson.  These Gibson Deeds show Valentine and Ezekiel were in Stokes County.

This indenture made the 7th day of October AD 1804 between Valentine Gibson of the county of Stokes State of North Carolina of the one part and Ezekiel Gibson of the County and State aforesaid of the other part. lying and being on the middle fork of the Little Yadkin containing 100 acres it being one half of he tract whereon I now live bounded as follows.. Wit William Walker and John Garrett

 This indenture made the 17th day of Oct 1804 between VALENTINE GIBSON of County of Stokes of the one part and WILLIAM GIBSON of same county and state of the other part .... a tract of land where I now live and bounded as follows; Beginning at a stake on the dividing line between him and his BROTHER EZEKIEL --
This indenture made 3rd day of Oct 1807 between EZEKIEL GIBSON of Stokes County State of NC  of one part and John N Brown of the same county and state of the other part..... Land on Little Yadkin beg at white oak of south side of the Middle Fork of the the Little yadkin that heads at the Quaker Gap, then ....... being ONE HALF of 200 acres grandted by the state to William Boyles including a part of the PLANTATION WHEREON VALENTINE GIBSON last lived.

Come on people  - check your trees! If you find another tree with conflicting information at least TRY to straighten it out and if you find a tree with misinformation, take a minute to drop them a line and tell them.

Here is the information on Valentine Gibson.

Valentine GibsonI
Valentine GibsonII

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