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William K. Gibson - Three Families

William K. Gibson born 1814 in Stokes County, North Carolina  married Polly Gilliam in Scott County, Virginia in 1835 and removed to Morgan County, Kentucky where he and his wife raised their large family and died.  

He did not die in Indiana in 1888 and he is not the son of James Gibson and Jane Dowdle. as you will see below.

Furthermore William K. Gibson son of James and Jane Dowdle did not die in Indiana in 1888, he was not born in 1814 and he did not marry Nancy Kinnison.  That William K. Gibson born 1814 was son of John and Margaret Gibson of Pocahantas, Virginia who removed to Noble County, Indiana. 

The third William K. Gibson who is often confused with the above two William Gibsons was born in 1830 in Giles County, Tennessee, he is the son of JAMES AND JANE DOWDLE.  That Gibson family went from Giles County, Tennessee to Lawrence/Barry County, Missiouri and was never in Morgan Co., Kentucky or in Indiana.  

If you have the wrong families connected in your tree PLEASE PLEASE correct it. 

There are THREE William K. Gibsons.

  • William K. Gibson born 1814 in North Carolina married to Polly Gilliam in 1835 Scott County, Virginia, moved to Morgan County, Kentucky where both he and Polly died.  He was not married to Nancy and his parents were NOT James and Jane Dowdle, as we shall see.  This William K. Gibson is likely son of Ezekiel Gibson of Stokes County, North Carolina and grandson of Valentine Gibson. 

  • William K. Gibson born January 22, 1814 in Pocohantas County, Virginia to John and Margaret Gibson. He and his parents moved first to Lagrange and then to Noble County, Indiana where he married January 21, 1841 to Nancy Kinnison. He is not the son of James and Jane Dowdle as so many trees have attached him to that family and he is not the same man in Morgan County, Kentucky.  This is his tombstone below.  Note; He is son of JOHN AND MARGARET GIBSON of Pocohantas County, Virginia!

  • William K. Gibson born March 5, 1830 in Giles County, Tennessee. His parents were JAMES GIBSON AND JANE DOWDLE.  He did not go to Indiana, did not died in 1888, did not marry Nancy Kinneson or Polly Gilliam.  His grandfather, George Gibson and son James came from Guilford County, North Carolina to Giles County, Tennessee.  In 1836 James Gibson with wife Jane Dowdle [granddaughter of Governor Pickens of South Carolina with their family, including William K. Gibson removed to Lawrence County, Missouri.  He married Jane Lowder in 1853 in Lawrence County, Missouri. He was NOT married to Polly Gilliam, or Nancy Kinneson, he did not died in 1888 in Indiana and he did not die in Morgan County, Kentucky.

I hope these few records will straighen out these three William K. Gibson families.  I am a descendant of William K. Gibson and Polly Gilliam of Morgan County, Kentucky and I would like to see him attached to his real family.

This tombstone belongs to William K. Gibson son of John and Margaret of Pocohantas County.  

The wife, Polly, and all the children belong to William K. Gibson born Stokes County, North Carolina and died in Morgan County, Kentucky NOT INDIANA


This is William K. Gibson and wife Nancy who died in Indiana 

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